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Brauer Naturals Baby Bubble Bath Bubblegum 250ml

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Brauer Naturals Bubble Bath is rich in hydrating Honey, Paw Paw & Almond Extract to help soothe your child’s skin while they enjoy a naturally fruity bubble bath. You can relax knowing that it won’t dry or irritate their skin.

Healthy hints

  • Use warm (rather than hot) bath water and keep baths under 10 minutes to avoid drying out bub’s skin.
  • Gently pat bub’s skin dry with a soft towel after their bath. Don’t rub their skin vigorously with a towel as this can be irritating.
  • If your bub is prone to itchy, dry skin or eczema, take care not to overdress them during the day or at bedtime. It’s best to use several thin layers of clothing rather than one thick layer.

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